Sunday, January 4, 2009


huh~ this is what i hate at every beginning of a new semester.. After a long semester break, its time to get back to college and begun studying for my future.. Well, for once, my course is such a tiring course, unlike any other course in others college..
oh, i know this guy, always put himself higher in term of programming knowledge.. but he tell me that he got a dean list every year.. but things like lying, it wont take long to people figure things out.. haha.. (no offense).. but for me, if you can call yourself as a god of programmer, then there is a whole lot of other people who are still god of programmer..

But yeah! holidays, yikes! I have to tell you, many things did happen in my semester break..
i won't tell you the incident though, it breaks me ;( but life goes on until its stop.. right? This holiday, I dont do anything that benifits me except make my belly grow.. haha.. I thought of doing some work to make my piggy bank a lil heavy.. but im to lazy to do anything since my morale was effected due to *ehem! incident.. im sad ;(

Oh! school starts soon, might as well take my SPM result(lazy).. Good luck on your first day at school friends! ;)