Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going back to college

Well.. after some time now.. i think my mind just messed up with games and play.. But what i dont realize is that my COLLEGE INTAKE is just around the corner... what the heck! hahaha

but the thing is, this time, i'm didnt have any interest in going so :( maybe because i'm too lazy to even go there! let away my studies.. haih~

But the again, thing are not what it suspected earlier don't you think? ^_^
well, for my internet friends.. thank you because you'll keep me company in this semester break..

Oh! but for good reason i wanted to go to the college is because of its allowance! hahaha...
i know i know i may sound greedy enough! the MARA corporation going to give me such sum each month without paying back the allowance during my work time... that's a huge boast to my studies ^_^.. but i've been through a lot during 3 semester of my studies.. and finally MARA approve my allowance because of all my awards and good grade ^_^

And last semester, even though i thought that i'm not going to get dean list
(because last semester is such a huge change been happen to me and the subject is very-very hard subject) but i've made it ^_^

I would like to thank to my parents who give me everything they got.. my lecturer who give me many support... and all of my friends who have been supporting me all this while and i'm also pray for you guys too!!! ^_^

so the new semester begun, i hoped my grade/pointer will be better than yestersem (is that a word?) hahaha... anyway, i may be busy, but i'll try to update my blog regularly ok? ^_^ tq all readers