Friday, January 2, 2009

List of myself ^ ^

5 Type of thing i wanna do

  1. Pray n hope my prayer is accepted
  2. Make money on this holiday (but my family just go on for a holiday almost 3/4 of my holiday so..) lazy excuses haha! x)
  3. Play games until its bore me (but then again, i can always download new games every time) ^^
  4. Date with my A#m# and made up with her (we had so many problems lately) ;(
  5. Buy some of latest gadget (i want an ipod touch 16GB) :D

5 things that i wanted
  1. I want her so bad.... emmm x( ('re always been my most precious thing, can't you see that?)
  2. ipod touch 2nd gen 32GB (RM 1259 - ebay/RM 1629 - Apple Store)
  3. Gaming Desktop (Since PS3 did not hv any pirated blu-ray and XBOX360 not convincing enough)
  4. An any HSDPA 3G phone... i really wanted it since i've got my maxis broadband so that i can surf it anytime anywhere
  5. For god sake! better internet connection than streamyx
5 things that i hate
  1. Oh how i hate hipocrite! dem! x(
  2. Uncivilized ppl
  3. Liars
  4. No-brainers
  5. Myself? haih~
I love 3G
  • Girls (haha, kidding)
  • Game (oh my!)
  • Gadget (hehe)