Tuesday, January 6, 2009

israel is a terrorist

Here lies one big question, when muslim kill people the nation called it as terrorist, when israel attack gaza, every nation shut their mouth.. Is Israel have right to attack Gaza?

America support israel in terrorism

American support state terrorism by Israel Terrorist nation continuing unabated. The Terror nation is slaughtering people of Gaza killing and wounding 4000 innocent defenseless people with all weapons available from land, sea and air. Palestinian lions are falling down fighting whose blood is washing the ground. America is directly responsible for supporting the terror nation, a Zionist nation, a racist nation, a law breaker nation, a pariah nation. It is this American police brought about terrorism around the world which continues to bleed innocent people from Afghanistan to Algeria and all in between. America is going down in shameful way bankrupting the country in the process. America became the most hated country in the world because of its policies and arrogance of power. Americans again chose another man whose intention is to expand the war of terror, to achieve that goal; exterminating 1.3 billion Muslims will be required. Even if Israel kill each and every Gaza residence, it will not be possible for it to live in peace; in fact it will further harden the resolve of oppressed people around the world to resist and support their Palestinian brothers and sisters.
The terror against Palestinians will resulted in defeat of the Zionist regime! Long live Palestine! Long live Palestine! Long live Palestine! Down with Zionism! Down with Zionism! Down with Zionism!